Tuko Pamoja

Tuko Pamoja

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to the Online Home of East Africa's hip hop legend, SUGU a.k.a Mr II.

Firstly, sincere apologies to those who have long-awaited this site. It is still under-development but after withholding it for so long, and as a reward to those who have been patient, we now have the pleasure of giving you a taster of whats to come when its completed. This website is still being developed to properly present you an insight into this legendary talent and promote his latest self-titled album.
SUGU is without question amongst the most popular and successful hip-hop artists representing Tanzania (aka 'Bongo'). He is a much respected figure in the East African hiphop scene and has over a decade of years in the game to his credit.
Some remember him as 2 Proud back in the early 90's, others still call him Mr 2 or Mr II, but SUGU is now the new name of this legend. A man of the people, a voice of the voiceless, he has never been afraid to say it as it is so always tells it as it is.
His style is best described as lyrical, soulful, rhythmical and straight from the heart. His tight and articulate Swahili flow is remarkable and the manner in which he handles a multitude of subject matters is engaging even to those who may not understand his Swahili narratives.
With various attached accolades and now 8 domestically acclaimed albums already to his name, he is synonymous with East African Hip-hop and widely accredited to really motivating the hiphop scene in Tanzania and popularising the phrase 'Bongo Flava' - an endearing name given to local urban music of Tanzanian origin.

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